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When I met Lloyd

Back when we lived on the east coast and I first met my husband, at a party, the topic of conversation that hit it off for us was music. He and I had the same taste. We talked about the Cure, Jellyfish, U2 and more. I knew I really like him. The defining moment came on our first date though. Brian came to pick me up at my apartment. While sitting down getting to know each other he noticed my music collection. The first words out of his mouth was, "I canít believe you like Lloyd Cole! I didnít think anyone knew who he was." Brian worked in a record store throughout college and had a great knowledge of music, but Lloyd was one of his favorites. Lloyd was preparing to go on a solo acoustic tour for his upcoming album "Bad Vibes". He was going to do several shows at local bar for only $5 a ticket! Immediately I called Brian and our second date was set. All I remember about that night was that is was about 10 below zero and snow was everywhere. It didnít matter though we went and saw such a great show in a room the size of a large hotel room. Lloyd was great and very close with the crowd. After the show we went to the bar to have some drinks and cool off. Would you believe right there in the bar Lloyd was going from table to table asking everyone how they liked the new music. He really cared what people thought! I was so excited when he approached us. I canít remember what I said to him (Brian claims that I said I was his #1 fan, but I wouldnít say that itís to psycho). I wish I had a CD cover with me that night, but all I could get my hands on was a napkin for him to sign. Anyway we have seen him a couple of times since and I will never forget that winter night. (although I don't miss the cold winters! I like it where I am now)

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