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Stacy, Lloyd's Biggest Fan

Thanks for all the great emails over the years, Lloyd I'm still waiting for one from you :(..... I'm sorry I haven't been able to update this page much, the internet has become more and more sophisticated, my page looks like something from the stone ages. Many of your emails have commented on my pictures, most of them are very nice. To answer some questions....

1. I am married and very happy :)

2. I feel like I'm getting old, if you are like me and have listend to Lloyd since the 80's, you know what I mean. You can guess my age if you want, I'm not going to tell, but here is a guess, I was born in the 60's, and not in the late 60's....

3. I love Lloyd's music, but I wish he could produce another album like "X" or "Don't Get Wierd on Me Babe", those are just fantastic.

Thanks again for coming to my page, and please email me, it's my favorite part about this.
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